How to make money on binary options when stock markets are closed?

Trading binary options on cryptocurrencies is a way for traders to earn money on weekends and holidays. The essence of investing is to predict growth and depreciation.
Binary options cryptocurrency strategies allow you to conclude transactions with a high percentage of successful transactions. Beginner traders can earn money using indicators as well as intuition.
Strategy characteristics: Type: Trend.
Timeframe: Any in the range M1-M5. In our case, M1 is used, but with an increasing period of analysis, the accuracy of the signal an increasing.
Trading asset: Any currency pair. The main requirement is a fixed (2-3 points) spread and no hidden fees.
Trading time: all Forex trading sessions.
Percentage of the bonus option: at least 70-75%.
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­čöŁTrading binary options. Profit with a real strategy and binary options signals­čöŁ

Every trader knows that in order to successfully trade binary options, three things are needed:
- proven broker,
- real strategy,
- tools for analysis.

Today we will talk about the most complete list of tools for convenient and successful trading.
To get started, let's take a simple binary options strategy that will suit both a novice and an experienced trader. This strategy is simple because it is based on a single Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator. For your convenience, you can watch the video below. If you still have questions on the video, then the link you can find a full description of this strategy with all the graphs and characteristics.

In order not to suffer in search of your strategy and learn how to trade successfully, the best binary options software vfxAlert can help. VfxAlert is a signal provider for binary options.
Let's look at its capabilities and figure it out together.
After registration, you can download the signals or use them in a browser window. Vfx alert signals work on the platform of any broker, which is very convenient because most often the broker offers built-in signals or a built-in bot that is completely impossible to control and therefore the trader has very little room for manoeuvre.
VfxAlert signals are paid and free, and they can be installed on any operating system, which is also very convenient.

You can also receive signals in the telegram application or by e-mail, which does not bind you to the desktop computer. And you can receive signals on the phone to engage in trade, where it will be convenient for you. The main thing is that there would be Internet access! On the official website of vfxAlert there is a detailed instruction on how to do this.

How do vfxAlert signals work?

Be sure to take into account the structure of the vfxAlert signals, because for a correct forecast we need much more data than up/down. This moment is taken into account as much as possible and present to your attention the structure of the signals and how to use it.

Trading asset. A trading asset on which you can open a transaction. Additionally, binary options forex signals have cryptocurrencies;
Price. The price at the time of the signal or the opening of the current candle for the adaptive strategy.
Time. Time since the appearance of the signal. In the adaptive strategy, when the statistics were updated.
Expiration. The expiration time of the option.
Power. It is defined as the number of profitable options in the past with the current combination of indicators.
Signal. Option direction - CALL (up) / PUT (down);
Algorithm. For trending strategies, indicates the main indicator on which the signal appeared;
Heatmap. The likely percentage of completion of the transaction in profit. It is calculated based on statistics and several timeframes.

A convenient signal interface will immediately be clear even to a novice trader. For a successful forecast, the trader needs to wait for the maximum signal strength and a recommendation for action.
An important point. If the market is unstable and there are important economic shocks in the world, then the signal and indeed all the technical analysis will be powerless in the forecast. In simple words, neither technical analysis, nor the most stable indicators, nor signals will help to make a profit if the world is in an unstable economic situation.
To avoid shocks and losses, the trader needs to follow economic news and factors that affect the market as a whole.
And here again, there is good news, because of the vfxAlert signal provider for binary options a number of additional functions that are available to anyone who is not even a registered user.

Also, for beginners, the site has a number of training videos and materials - a guide to binary options.

Even more, features are provided to registered users. If you want to use signals and check how they work, then you have a free version of signals. And advanced features in your account. Let's look at an example of how live signals and technical indicators work together on the binary options strategy, the Sidus method on technical instruments included in the set of all trading platforms: “fast” exponential (EMA) and two “slow” weighted (WMA). ) Moving Average to determine the trend reversal and the MACD oscillator, which will confirm the signal.
MACD parameters: the "classic" version of the strategy provides for a signal period = 1, for binary options we leave the standard value - 9 periods.

Let's summarize.
Signals vfxAlert is the best binary options trading tool. He gathered the maximum of the opportunities necessary for trading.
To trade without losses, always use different tools. The first and most important tool is a strategy for binary options, and then signals.
When trading, pay attention to economic news.
We wish you success in trading!


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