vfxAlert has released the new version of signals 5.0!

All you need for the beneficial binary options trading — https://vfxalert.com
vfxAlert application provides a full range of analytical tools online, a convenient interface, 24/7 support, free guidelines, and trading communities. The group of skilled practicing and developers is working on the signal’s accuracy.
In the new release of vfxAlert you will find:extra-indicators (Volatility, Bulls&Bears, Pivot Points, Common Indicators, Summary of technical Indicators) which will make the binary options trading more gainful;possibility to exchange on any broker’s platform in various countries; for your benefit there are several payment schemes, also, there is a free version of signals. Now you can test the application and choose the necessary scheme!      the mobile version makes the exchange from mobile phones or tablets agreeable in any condition.   Signals for binary options vfxAlert is the perfect helper for the trader. 

Information about the vfxAlert signals: https://vfxalert.com/how-i…

vfxAlert - live trading signals

Binary options are famous for their high speed of benefit simply click the "CALL/PUT" button and after three minutes increase the sum on deposit. But simplicity is fallacious: it isn't sufficient to decide if the cost will go up or down; you additionally need to select the validity (expiration) of the exchange. 

This factor is missing in the money and stock markets and even the savvy traders, also newcomers, experience difficulties with expiration. vfxAlert live trading signals can help with this issue. 

Why distribute signals? 

The first and most significant question that all want to know. Surely, if there are reliably gainful signals, why offer them to others. You can trade yourself and forget about the competitors. This is true, however, there are two undetectable, from the first sight, obstacles to calm trading, which is never explained in the trading tutorials on binary options:

1. Deposit Amount.

Some binary trading platform has a start option amount beginning at $1, however, what amount would you be able to gain from the deal of such type? Normally, the benefit on Forex currency pairs amounts to 85-90% and if you decide to open, for example, at $10, we get a sum of $9. This result is not very impressive. 

Using the whole deposit in one option means breaking all standards of money management. Exchanging depends on the rule of "win or bust", it is either difficult to end the deal early, or the percentage of return is far from perfect. 

Furthermore, if you keep the “standard” 5% of the current deposit on the exchange, the benefit is even less. Obviously, you can open arrangements much more frequently, however, then the danger of loss is more prominent. Remember that the level of benefit is under 100% and to compensate for the financial losses you need two profitable options in succession! 

For obvious benefit, you have to begin with a Deposit of 500-700 dollars, at that point you can benefit from "calm" day trading and medium-term exchanges. For newbies, frequently even such a sum is a lot for them, otherwise, they did not trade the binary options. 

You can go the other path: hire in an external specialist in investment and pay a percentage for utilizing the funds. However, we often see, "professional" investors are not more common than golden tigers. It is good when he understands the period of financial losses or even a total loss of assets. This is normally joined by depressions and problems with the law. 

2. A good binary options trader and analytical specialist is not always the same person.

Finding a good signal, being totally sure in your technique and an opening option for real money are absolutely different things. In fact, there are both traders and analytical experts in hedge funds and investment banks. Not everyone is given the obligation to work with real money, you have to be calm and concentrated, seeing how the option goes to bad results and closures in benefit in the two last seconds of expiration. 

At the same time, you have to continually watch the level of productive signals and modify the strategy when the market circumstance changes. This requires time and examination of a lot of information: from historical data to the fundamental factors. Given that the trader is already encountering the heavy loads, it is smarter to do this by analytical expert or PC calculations. 

How a trader can use the signals? 

Since we realize that outer signals will be useful and these are not just programmed Expert Advisors with simple indicators, but the real traders and advanced machine learning algorithms, we go to how to utilize them in forex trading. 

Real binary options signals from the vfxAlert are just recommendations for action, without any liability for possible losses to users. The final decision to open a deal always stays with the trader. 

Let's begin with the option where signals will be the only source for making a decision. This is what the beginners frequently do: they get a signal, click "CALL/PUT" and build their hopes on the lucky chance. For all the affection for vfxAlert for its own signals, this method is absolutely not recommended, despite the fact that even though the famous Dow theory affirms "everything repeats" and this rule has been confirmed by the market again and again. 

There is no inconsistency here. Regardless of the complex mathematical calculations and indicators, we are working with historical details, since nobody needs to look into the future of forex trading, except if obviously you are the Central Bank or a market maker moving the price according to in the way you need. 

The service can only try to decrease signal mistakes to a worthy level, however, it is difficult to totally eliminate the chance of an error, the trader must understand this fact. 

That’s why, the right option is to utilize vfxAlert in relation to thought-out trading strategy, and here you can already decide how to do it: confirms your strategy or a strategy confirms your signal. Both options are practically equal, the primary concern is that the fundamental principle of technical analysis remains "to open an exchange, you have to get at least two affirmations of the entry point from different tools." Let's examine, how it looks on the chart: 

There are two simple moving averages (SMA) on this chart: the "slow" SMA (15) and the "quick" SMA (5). The classic exact binary options strategy is used: binary options are opened when the «fast one» breaks through the «slow one» or pushes away from it. 

As you see on the picture, the first signal for a possible PUT option the Doji reversal candle design and the following downward candle. However, SMA (5) is beginning a bounce back and the question appears: has the downtrend already started, or is it only a small pullback and the uptrend will continue? Also, moving averages are very retarded instruments of technical analysis, and you can enter when the trend finishes and it will be extremely hard to calculate expiration correctly. 

Let’s look at vfxAlert: an obvious downtrend signal for our asset and the signal is determined from a large volume of historical information of the CCI oscillator (Commodity Channel Index) displaying the dynamics of the current or new trend. 

As a result, we got three affirmations: analysis of candle (Doji), technical (SMA), and historical details (vfxAlert). This fundamentally improves the likelihood of the completion of a new PUT option with profit.

Read how binary options signals work on our blog and receive stable profit!


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